New Group Proposes Farming on the Golf Course

A new alternative has been proposed for the reuse of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course

An emerging group of San Geronimo Valley residents and local farmers (FARMSGV) have come together to propose that the San Geronimo Valley golf course property be returned to its roots as agricultural lands as it was in the past. Prior to being developed as a golf course the land was used for grazing and growing hay. With the county acquisition of the  San Geronimo property there is a unique opportunity to  create a community based regenerative farming model which can complement and enhance creek restoration. In addition to increasing local food and fiber production, other benefits include bringing the soil back to health and improving water retention.  It also provides diverse educational opportunities for the nearby Lagunitas School as well as being an incubator for young farmers.

This model can also help with the County’s goals for carbon drawdown using sequestration practices and lowering Marin’s carbon footprint while mitigating climate disruption. The property has plentiful Blucher Cole soil types which are very rare in Marin and very important for crop production.  While there are already 2500 acres of open space in San Geronimo Valley alone, there are only 300 acres of row crops county-wide and that includes wine grapes. According to the Countywide Plan, the Inland rural corridor, which includes the San Geronimo Valley, “is primarily designated for agriculture and other compatible uses”.