Let the TPL know how you feel!

For a limited amount of time the Trust for Public Lands, the current owner of the former golf course property, is accepting public comments on the uses that SGV residents would like to see on that land.

To leave your comments, please visit: http://www.reimaginesangeronimo.com/contact-us/

Here are some suggested talking points to use when making your comments

Why regenerative farming on this property?

  • Regenerative agriculture would preserve and restore the precious and rare agricultural soil found on the property.

  • Regenerative and carbon farming techniques can address global warming through carbon sequestration.

  • Local food reduces our dependence on industrial agriculture and long distance shipping.

  • Regenerative agriculture would help address local food security and provide local jobs.

Regenerative farming is compatible with creek, wetland and wildlife habitat.

  • Regenerative agriculture would make it possible to increase the dry season creek flows for salmon and prevent flooding in the wet season by holding more water in the carbon rich soils.

  • There need not be any conflict between environmental stewardship and regenerative farming, Permaculture, and carbon farming practices that are designed specifically to enhance the natural environment through building soils which hold water and sequester carbon.

Education is central to our vision of the property.

  • An agro-ecological/ Permaculture/ regenerative agriculture education center for Local and Bay Area schools as well as adults would educate about the environment, food, forests, and farming for a sustainable future.

  • We would have a demonstration farm and education program for young farmers in regenerative/no-till/ carbon farming techniques.

  • We would have environmental education about the areas salmon, creeks, and woodlands.

  • Education about Indigenous food ways and native plants.

  • This agro-ecology education center could be a model for other communities.

Other ideas we have to meet the needs of the community and the environment…

  • The Club House could be a farm to table restaurant providing jobs and education in cooking, nutrition, and restaurant skills.

  • The Club House could also be a community event space and a market place for the Valley which has few jobs and places to gather for teens or adults.

  • The land would provide accessible hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and a possible swimming pond.

  • The Valley is in dire need of affordable housing and that could be incorporated into the clubhouse area.

  • Our vision for regenerative farming and an education center could be combined with any number of other uses harmoniously.

Please submit a comment to the website TPL has created - Reimagine San Geronimo Valley.